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Techno Tink Adventure and Entertainment is your source for exploring the magical world within which we live. Firstly, by creating experiences that one will never forget. As a result, we manifest experiences ranging from entertaining moments to exploring ruins. Secondly, we strive to bring fantasy and history alive for you.

Techno Tink Media’s Adventure Tours, Hikes, and Histories is a premium guide service to notable places of history and lore locally and worldwide. As a result, booking tours with Techno Tink will give you a personalized tour with a friendly knowledgeable guide. More importantly, an adventure you’ll never forget. In addition to tours, we offer entertainment – stage magic, divination/tarot, storytelling, fantastic creatures, face, and body painting.

Adventure Hikes and Tours:

Techno Tink is excited to weave imagination together with the living experience. We do this by storytelling, art, magic, and fantasy. Manifested when we intertwine lore with historical facts. Creating a living myth to illuminate your life’s journey.

Techno Tink wants to share with you the amazing sites of history and natural beauty that we’ve discovered. We want to keep these sacred places alive by bringing their lore active in your minds, hearts, and bodies. As a result, sharing these sites continues their power for generations to come. Custom packages and sites are also available, below are some of our more popular locations.

Local Tours

  • Nooksack Gold Mine : (NW Washington State) ~ available April thru October, weather dependent
  • The Northwest Necklace : (NW Washington State) ~ available April thru October, weather dependent
  • Racehorse Falls : (NW Washington State) ~ available March thru October, weather dependent

United States


United Kingdom

  • Mystical Cornwall
  • Fairy sites of Cornwall
  • Glastonbury


Bringing Adventure and Entertainment alive. Delivering your living myth to enhance the experience of life. Thank you for taking a sneak preview of what’s to come! Visit our Network for Art & Design; Photography; and Treasure! In addition, visit our Pirate Relief and Naiads projects.

We believe in spreading facts, myths, legends, and lore as found in Archaeology, History, and Folklore. We believe by sharing knowledge and experiences with these amazing aspects of life – it keeps them alive. In addition, these places bring magic alive – gifting those who experience it an unforgetful experience that weaves imagination and magic together in their own personal living mythos.

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