United States

Tours in the United States

Techno Tink Adventure tours are available throughout the United States. We will offer packages in various states as well as in our home states of Colorado and Washington. While we don’t cover every state, we will be sharing exciting sites and places of interest often. Therefore, please keep checking our site. 

Colorado and Washington State

Our home base locations are within Colorado and Washington State. The majority of our tours will be within these states due to the proximity of our offices. 

The Wild West

Many of our tours will focus on Archaeology, Folklore, and History. Most importantly, our tour guides will be either active or former Archaeologists, Folklorists, and Historians. Firstly they will share the facts and histories they know about the locations. Secondly, they will aim to be friendly, hospitable, and helpful to make your experience unforgettable. Because we are located in the West, many of our U.S. tours will cover the Wild West, The Gold Rush, and the Oregon Trail. In addition, we love water – so often will include visits to hot springs, sacred wells and water sources.

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