Techno Tink Adventure in Montana

The amazing wild west state of Montana will enchant and amaze you. Montana is rich in history, mining, and folklore. Our tour guides will be experts in Archaeology, history, and folklore. 

The Northwest

Since our base camps are within Colorado and Washington State, many of our tours will be focused on the Northwestern United States. Montana is in the heart of the Northwest, bordered by Canada to the North, Idaho to the West,  Wyoming to the South, North and South Dakota to the East.

The Treasure State

Known by many names, Montana is also called “The Treasure State”, “Big Sky Country”, “The Last Best Place”, and “Land of the Shining Mountains”. It is the fourth largest United States by area, but the third least densely populated. Covered in mountain ranges, prairies, and badlands it’s natural beauty is phenomenal. 


The state makes most of its money through agriculture, ranching, and cereal grains. In addition, it is popular for gas, oil, mining, lumber, and coal. Unknown to many, it is also thriving with tourism. This is in part by having the following parks within its boundaries such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Beartooth Highway, Flathead Lake, and Big Sky Resort. 

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